Bashiri Asad Presents - IndySoul - 10 Years Later

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Bashiri Asad Presents - IndySoul - 10 Years Later
IndySoul 10years later

Indianapolis Soul Singer-Songwriter Bashiri Asad and his dynamic band, Be On It perform songs from his discography as he celebrates his 10 year anniversary!

He laughs. He cries. He loves. He dreams. Just like you, everyday. He feels deeply, and turns his feelings into music.

Soul music. Music that says exactly how you feel, everyday.

Bashiri Asad is the “Everyday Soul Singer", and he will remind you that feeling what you feel, in your soul, is just fine.

Hailing from Indianapolis, Bashiri Asad has come to define his sound as “Indy-Soul”. From shoo-wop style singing groups and classical vocal training, to performances local and abroad, his various experiences have shaped his voice into the soul-stirring entity it is known as today. Echoes of the influences of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding weave through his presentation, but his sound is unmistakably his own.

Using his gifts to expand our worlds musical legacy, Bashiri continues to remain faithful to his self-proclaimed mission, "to make music that is a part of life's soundtrack." His infectious passion for the art of music and authenticity in performance is making him a familiar name on the independent music scene. Humble in his approach, relentless in his delivery, you have to experience it to truly understand.