Clif Wallace & The Kickback

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Clif Wallace & The Kickback
Clif Wallace – drums
Erik Hunter – bass
Vinnie Roofe - guitar

Clif Wallace’s versatility as a drummer/band leader can easily be parallel with his love for music of all genres. In his latest project, Clif leads a trio blending new original compositions with hip arrangements of music that he pairs with nostalgic events in his personal life.

“Wallace is a part of a generation of jazz musicians who possess the chops to play a funk/rock anthem such as “Maggot Brain,” as well as a hard-bop standard such as “Moanin.’” Artists such as Wallace approach all genres of music without the Hamlet-like “to fuse or not to fuse” angst that bedeviled earlier generations of jazz men and women.” - Howard Dukes South Bend Tribune

Native Sun

Richard “Sleepy” Floyd – drums
Brandon Meeks – bass
B Young – M.C.

Leading by example, the band envisions that traditional hip hop elements (compelling lyricism, dusty samples, dope beats) paired with the versatility of live instrumentation has the potential to create music that sounds like nothing before it. Leveraging more than 20 years of combined experience as professional musicians and performers, B Meeks (bass), Sleepy (drums) and B Young (emcee) began to intertwine their musical backgrounds within the context of hip hop when Native Sun formed in 2008.