Michael Eaton - Individuation Quartet

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Michael Eaton - Individuation Quartet
The Individuation Quartet/Quintet is a contemporary jazz ensemble aiming to introduce elements of classical minimalism and post minimalism as well as world rhythms into modern jazz.

Michael Eaton - tenor saxophone
Brad Whiteley - piano
Daniel Ori - bass
Shareef Taher - drums

Playing original contemporary jazz/minimalist/world music fusion featured on albums recorded for Destiny Records: "Individuation" (2014) and "Dialogical" (to be released in 2018).

Its sound is characterized by rhythmic techniques prevalent in modern jazz (use of odd and mixed meters, rhythmic cycles, and polyrhythm); chromatic harmony drawn from contemporary jazz and classical music; textural, melodic, and temporal aspects of minimalism; and a synthesis of various groove-based musics. The quartet's first release is Individuation (Destiny Records, 2014), with Dialogical recorded and set for release in first quarter of 2017.