Sean Haefeli

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Sean Haefeli
Brandon Meeks - bass
Brian Yarde - drums

The uniquely talented, Indianapolis-born and Berlin-based vocalist/ emcee/pianist, Sean Haefeli, debuted his first album in ’02. Since then, he has gained a reputation as an adept lyricist, highly skilled pianist and versatile vocalist. The author, Kalamu ya Salaam writes, “a cross between Ezra Pound in the metro and some alternative spoken word down by the Green Mill in Chicago...he takes unexpected twists and turns, puts lyrics you have to listen to at least thrice in order to decipher the deeptitudes being discussed. Sometimes it swings, sometimes it grooves but there is always something emotionally moving going on.”

Sean’s music calls to mind the work of contemporaries such as Jose James or Robert Glasper. However, with his distinctive skill set and compositional flare, he inhabits a space all his own.