Sean Imboden Large Ensemble

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Sean Imboden Large Ensemble
The Sean Imboden Large Ensemble consists of many of the finest local musicians of the Indianapolis area The focus of this group is to contribute to the consistent growth of the modern big band. New works of local composers will be featured, which will explore new sounds, textures, and possibilities within the structure of the standard instrumentation. Creative arrangements of favorite standards will also be interwoven into the band's repertoire, giving the music a foothold in tradition, while striving for a unique sound.

alto 1/flute: LaMont Webb
alto 2/flute: Amanda Gardier
tenor 1/soprano: Matt Pivec
tenor 2: Cecily Terhune
bari sax/bass clarinet: Evan Drybread

trumpet 1/flugelhorn: Matt Anklan
trumpet 2/flugelhorn: Jen Siukola
trumpet 3/flugelhorn: John Raymond
trumpet 4/flugelhorn: Kent Hickey

trombone 1: Freddie Mendoza
trombone 2: Ernest Stuart
trombone 3: Chaz Rhodes
bass trombone: Tucker Woerner

guitar: Joel Tucker
piano: Chris Pitts
bass: Nick Tucker
drums: Ben Lumsdaine