Paul Holdman & Rebekah Meldrum

Paul Holdman & Rebekah Meldrum

Fri 4.21

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


Paul Holdman & Rebekah Meldrum
Paul Holdman & Rebekah Meldrum
For almost three decades, Indianapolis guitarist Paul Holdman has made his living performing, writing, and recording music of many styles: Blues, Rockabilly, Gospel, Surf, Rock and Soul.
Paul’s career took off in 1990 playing with Indianapolis-based Blues-Rock band Bangkok Rooster. Over the next decade he became a sought-after guitarist on the local music scene, known for both his versatility and a distinctive guitar style. Paul picked up road experience and an education in Blues and Roots styles while traveling and collaborating with several artists, including Jennie DeVoe, Carrie Newcomer, and Gordon Bonham.

The new millennium started strong with the formation of his own group, The Paul Holdman Band. He was also a founding member of the rock band The Woomblies. Most notably, Paul joined up with Soul-Blues singer Tad Robinson, an eight-time Blues Music Award nominee.

In 2002, Paul released his first solo album, an all-instrumental collection of original and cover songs, titled Out of My Hands.

Over the following years, Paul enjoyed collaborating with many artists, and he has had the privilege of performing on stage with legendary guitarists Ronnie Earl, Dave Specter, Jimmy Johnson, and Alex Schultz.

In 2015, Paul released his second self-produced solo album, a showcase for his love of Gospel and Roots music, titled In the Hands of God. Along with his own recording debut as a singer, this album includes the vocal talents of Tad Robinson, Jennie DeVoe and Rebekah Meldrum. Blues legend Ronnie Earl also makes an exciting cameo appearance on guitar.

After her work on In the Hands of God, Rebekah and Paul began writing original music together, while also working up favorite cover songs. They’ve been performing ever since, first as a duo and then with a band.

In August of 2016, Paul and Rebekah won First Place in the SCI Blues Challenge, in the Solo/Duo category. In early 2017, they will travel to Memphis to compete in the 33rd Annual International Blues Challenge, sponsored by The Blues Foundation.

Their new band release, Rebekah Meldrum & Paul Holdman: Live at the Slippery Noodle, contains 14 tracks and many musical styles, including Traditional and Contemporary Blues, Soul music, Gospel, Folk, Rock, and also includes 4 original songs by Rebekah & Paul … all distinctively sung and played.

In 2017, Paul continues to stay busy playing his guitar and singing in clubs, at festivals and churches, with Rebekah Meldrum, Tad Robinson, and the Woomblies Rock Orchestra.
Venue Information:
The Jazz Kitchen
5377 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN, 46220