Tucker Brothers CD Release Party


Tucker Brothers CD Release Party

Sat 7.29

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


Tucker Brothers CD Release Party
Tucker Brothers CD Release Party
Take part in the release of the TB upcoming album "Writing Prompts." A collection of songs dedicated to the past jazz musicians from Indianapolis, IN. It is well known that some of the most influential and innovative jazz musicians were born and raised in Indianapolis. David Baker, Wes Montgomery, and Freddie Hubbard are a few that immediately come to mind.

The concept behind this album is that everything we compose, play, and improvise is directly related to the masters who preceded us. In the process of writing this album, Nick and I kept in mind the musical and cultural significance of all of these musicians while speaking with our own unique musical voices, instead of creating something that would merely "mimic" the music of these players. Since jazz is a living music, just like with life, it is something that is constantly changing. We firmly believe that these musicians supported the progress and evolution of the music and paved the way for our generation to leave its mark on the jazz continuum.

Because of this mentality, 'Writing Prompts' stood out as a title that would represent these beliefs. We would not be where we are without these influential musicians. The music they left behind prompts us to continue growing, changing, and evolving all while living in the city they came from.

David Baker is one musician in particular that we would like to make note of with regards to this album. Everyone in this group had a chance to study under him at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. His positive and kind demeanor shines through each of us in its own special way.

Featured on our second studio album is Ben Lumsdaine on drums, Evan Main on piano, Sean Imboden on tenor saxophone, Nick Tucker on bass, and Joel Tucker on guitar. All of the compositions were written by Nick and Joel Tucker
Venue Information:
The Jazz Kitchen
5377 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN, 46220